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Renewal and Healing: Music Therapy

Check out the announcement below for more on a special "Listening to Paintings"!

Collective Euphonia presents: Listening to Paintings: Renewal and Healing

recorded live at the Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, VA

featuring: Asherah Capellaro, soprano, Scott Williamson, tenor,

Pedro Szalay, dancer, and William McCorkle, pianist

May 30, 2021, 4 pm ET. Free online “watch party”:

Scott Williamson, artistic director: 917-584-6321

Collective Euphonia (CE) presents a special collaborative “Listening to Paintings” (L2P) called “Renewal and Healing.” To honor Mental Health Awareness Month, and in collaboration with the Taubman Museum of Art, members of the interdisciplinary Roanoke-based artist collective perform a program of song, poetry and dance in the TMA galleries.

CE founder, Scott Williamson described the program “as a journey from dark to light, like the journey of many artists, with creativity as a means of not only survival but process. Creativity is a primary means of expression for many artists. For example, Elizabethan lutenist and song-writer John Dowland could be called the first ‘emo’ composer. Robert Schumann is a literal case-study in bipolar health swings and creative cycles. This program of four centuries of song features artists on the mental health spectrum. It offers the potential for ‘renewal and healing.’ It also sheds light on the works of artists creating beauty through illness.”

Williamson, who also sings tenor in the ensemble, is joined by soprano and conductor, Asherah Capellaro. Southwest Virginia Ballet artistic director Pedro Szalay is choreographer and dancer, and Lexington conductor and collaborative artist, William McCorkle accompanies the trio who sing and dance among the galleries.

“The Taubman Museum (TMA) is a dream space for this kind of program, and we have a well-balanced quartet of engaging local artists for this collaboration,” Williamson said.

Combining vocal music and poetry specially curated for the TMA galleries, “L2P” began in 2011 when Williamson was Artistic Director of Opera Roanoke and TMA Executive Director Cindy Peterson was Director of Education. The series has included special programs for exhibits by John Cage, Norman Rockwell, Nick Cave and Ray Kass, among many others. Collective Euphonia’s debut residency in 2019 featured a special “L2P” with an a cappella octet and is available online.

“Renewal and Healing” is available starting May 30, 4 pm ET, where the artists will host a “watch party,” which you can join by following this link:

Thanks to the generosity of a pair of anonymous patrons, the performance will remain accessible online on the Collective Euphonia YouTube channel:

(CE artists perform “Renewal and Healing” at the Taubman Museum of Art, May 2021)

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