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Founded by Scott Williamson, Collective Euphonia (CE) is a flexible, cross-disciplinary and self-governing ensemble of creative professionals. CE presents multi-media, site-specific productions combining music and art, theatre, dance, and more.


Residencies include themed programs in galleries, classrooms, performance spaces and community centers. CE's programs are designed to enhance the experience of a diverse community of listeners and participants, crossing cultural, social and faith boundaries. Special events, talk-backs and audience engagement activities enrich the value of their educational and creative programs.


CE's international cohort of artists are leading professionals in their fields. CE artists collaborate in a democratic creative process to produce performances with a visible and audible difference.


CE has created programs for Mental Health Awareness, LGBTQ+ relationships, Black Lives Matter, and Interfaith Dialogues. The Collective launched in 21019 with a debut residency at the Taubman Museum of Art and Temple Emanuel in Roanoke. 

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