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catching up with ourselves

Updated: May 19, 2022

Here are a few drafts of poems I've been working on, along with some favorite images...

(Bermudas, for Alice and co.; acrylic and coffee grinds on canvas, 24'x36,' Jan, 2022.)

My Bird (Bachmann Cento)

Whatever devastated

night potion

tower deserted

owl’s calm

whatever time

my bird

fly fog

whirl down

should-mate weapon

feather bedecked

adornment veil

dance singers

the hip-high

leaves leap

like stardust

directly smoke

whatever happens

my accomplice

I ablaze

dark crackle

strike sparks

I ablaze

fire loved

stems wounds

spins earth

heart belief

trust watch-tower

moves calmly

quiet light

splendid fly

whatever happens.

(Cy Twombly, Primavera, from Quattro Stagioni)

Your best friend

is the one, I know, who likes me.

But hope’s persistence borders

obsession, as steady lightly

brushes against the neurotic,

first a tickle, then

a trigger, just like you


A half-dimmed

lighthouse on

forgettable provincial shores,

I flash signal lights

randomly into the

vanishing dark, hoping

it might be so,

if not the green

light itself, yes

the green, green light

(exhibition installation model)

(Chagall, from Song of Song series)

the history you make

when talking about the past

it’s important to be measured

to be fair it’s important to be

talking measured about the past

In the past for example we

have been cavalier as Mozart’s

Don Giovanni even if to be fair

we have been it’s important to say

measured like the time between

letters before the days of smartphones

Don Giovanni’s catalog aria of his

it’s important to say conquests [for example]

to be talking about the past say

measured as Mozart cataloguing

letters of the cavalier past Don

Giovanni’s aria in-between times

it’s important to say for example when

talking about the past measured fair

(Still from Dardanus, ópera by J-P Rameau)

Rameau Cento (from Les Palladins liner essay)

astounding repeated

enthusiastic full

of sexy

opera stage

intense physical

moral value

scoundrel intolerably

boring waffling

Rameau retire

Androgynous scandal

tenor creature

success shock

farmer snake

fairy seducer

ratio dispenses

with dog

disguises adversity

the abduction

in Venice

passes transformed

into furies

lower parallels

playing forms

with this

explosive cocktail

fixation incompatible

disguised androgynous

tenor disappeared

mythological reflection

unsaid visible

unequivocally bold

O, Stéphanie,

amour, rester!

(Ruth E. Carter: from Afrofuturism, Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, Jan, 2022)

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