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Fantastic Opera Scenes @WLU

WLU Fantastic Opera Scenes cast, May 2019

(The "Fantastic Opera Scenes" cast of WLU students, L-R: Sarah Gabrielle Lynch, Hayley Allen, Haochen Tu, Keren Katz, Levi Lebsack, Troy Larsen)

With gratitude and a rousing "Bravi tutti" to the exceptional cast and production team of WLU students who helped #GregParker, #AnnaBillias and I bring a few fun opera scenes to life last night in Wilson Hall at W&L. Thank you #LenfestCenterfortheArts. Thanks to everyone from #Lex for coming out and supporting our "op-shop" scenes from Magic Flute, Ravel's L'Enfant, Hansel & Gretel (great directing, #HannahDewing) and the Witches' scene from Dido and Aeneas.

Below is a "Cento" - a "found poem" using words from Colette's libretto, L'Enfant et les sortilèges which Ravel set in his marvelous opera. (The text comes from the scenes we offered: the Shepherd's chorus, Princess duet, and the title character's, "La Coeur de la rose" - the "Song of the Rose" which inspired my poor Twombly-imitation of a painting below).

Colette – Ravel Cento, after L’Enfant et les sortilèges

for WLU Supernatural: Fantastic Opera Scenes and Where to Find Them team

pink sheep purple goat

violet grass green lambs

purple cherries

our gentle blue dog

naughty piping child

our ungrateful blue

dog child

kept eternal watch


the rose goat

the scent of your first love

the lily

who knows

if the heart of evil



into sorry


the length of a dream

rose-colored crest

oh sword

my weak little friend

if only

you rose heart

you lily scent

you hands and crown

blue eye moonbeams

jewel fragments

my dream


La Coeur de la Rose (SMW, May 2019)

PS: To the Cast: Here is a link to that Martha graham letter (#inspiration #nopressure #devourthestage)

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