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L2P: Caption Contest

Bob Trotman: from "Business as Usual," exhibit, Taubman Museum

What would you title this piece from Bob Trotman's installation, "Business as Usual," at the Taubman Museum. Post your replies on my FB page, or contact me directly via email.

Spoiler alert: Exhibition description and statement of the artist are linked below. I'm curious to know how one approaching this piece "cold" receives it vs. one who is familiar with the artist (or who has read the statement) Feel free to share your thoughts on that, too.

I will read out a few favorite "captions" from this provocative exhibition at my presentation of Listening to Paintings (L2P) at the Taubman this Sunday, April 7 at 2 pm.

We'll be concluding the galleries-wide musical tour of the museum in the Trotman exhibit with a collaborative component. I will ask attendees to become co-creators with me as we make some new compositions based on original audience-generated material...

from Colette Fu's "We are Tiger Dragon People" exhibit

Check back later to see what music we might creatively pair with Colette Fu's visionary work in the most amazing "Pop-up Books" EVER...

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