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Seascape & soundscape

William Dodge, Seascape (1920). Taubman Museum

So, what do you hear when you see this painting (Seascape, by William Dodge. Taubman Museum.)

If you're on FB, comment on the post with your reply. The first colleague to reply shared one of Western music's great evocations of the sea. (Have a listen to Debussy's La Mer here, if you like).

And don't feel constrained by any "artiness" to limit your musical replies to the classical realm. (Here's my favorite jazz "seascape") Popular song, film, poetry and literature are all fair game. As are other maritime art works.

Turner's "Approach to Venice"

(Q: Is it still a "seascape" if the subject is a lake, lagoon, canal or river? Anyway, Turner's proto-impressionist late works, like "The Approach to Venice" are visionary and awesome...)

One of the pieces which comes to my mind when I see either of the above images is the tone poem, Oceanides, by Sibelius. (Like Chris Potter in his jazz suite, The Sirens, Sibelius was also inspired by Homer's Odyssey...)

Share your replies with me here, on FB or send me an email / text. I will then share some of my favorites

during my L2P presentation, Sunday April 7, 2 pm at the Taubman.

Stay tuned for updates on a live stream, too!

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