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L2P@TMA 4.7.19

Jewish Chant and American Folksong - excerpts from musical theatre and opera - poetry readings - performance art - original content and curricula on the histories of art and music, along with innovative ways of appreciating each within the galleries...

"Listening to Paintings" is one of my favorite projects, and I'm thrilled to be continuing my relationship with the Taubman Museum of Art in our twice-yearly presentations.

L2P lasts 45' - 1 hr (and is informal; come and go as you please). It is appropriate for families, beginners and long-time lovers of any art form. We gather in the museum at 2pm, and wander from gallery to gallery, sharing music and poetry in each.

R. Laing's "greenwork", from "outside eyes" exhibit (2017)

As a tribute to a recently lost American voice, the poet and conservationist W. S. Merwin (1927 - 15 March 2019) here is a draft of a "Cento" based on one of Merwin's poems.

By – (Cento after W. S. Merwin’s “By Dark”)

When time the dog

into the mind

I see but black dog

going me

looking oh it is black dog

when all trust

through brightness through shadow

into blindness of dog

where dark already

and fear black dog

leading carefully blind

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