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Kudos: TOI H&G!

Anna Prohaska in "Serpent and Fire" at BBC Proms

To my TOI "H & G" friends: bravi tutti on a great run this weekend. Best wishes as you start the next year / season. Here's a link to a BBC Proms performance by the young Austrian soprano Anna Prohaska, who is adept at Baroque and contemporary repertory alike. In this recital, called "Serpent and Fire" Il Giardino Armonico accompanies her in scenes and arias from the roles of Dido and Cleopatra. I love her singing. I love the risks she takes and the range of colors she is unafraid of making. She is expressive, "in the moment" and always committed. Even when I disagree with a choice or color or interpretation I still give her props for her commitment and fearlessness. This connects to some of our notes.

Anyway, happy listening friends. Take some time to be inspired. You never know what the universe may have in store for you...

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