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All Soul's: in memory of Aunt Peggy

All-soul’s (for Mom)

The table is quiet as memory

where we sat so many mornings

with your turbaned head

bowed over a bowl of cereal

a plate of eggs or a side of

rule-breaking bacon

What I wouldn’t now give

for one more laugh

over Me-ma’s hand-stitched bibs

or the latest selfie-with-grandchild

Nana’s unrealized promise

her gains and losses

pixelated as fairy dust

scattered as she

Mom, with mini-Beethoven and me, soon after her brain surgery in 2014, c. 18 months before her death late last year.

This month, I'm writing a poem a day for 30 days to support poetry and Tupelo Press. Please check out our work and support our efforts if you are able.

I wrote this poem for All-soul's day this year after creating a "Dia de los Muertos" altar for mom, whose first Yahrzeit was Nov. 11. In honor of Aunt Peggy's first Yahrzeit today, I share this poem about her little sister, my beloved mother. Zichronam liv'rachah. May their memories be for a blessing.

Thanks for reading. May you have a holiday season full of laughter and love, remembering past blessings and experiencing new ones.

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